Defendant Questionnaire

Test Comparison Checklist

If you are searching for a court test, the following Comparison Checklist should be helpful. Important test characteristics are listed. The "Other" column represents any other test you might want to compare to the DQ.

Test Comparison Checklist

Comparison Categories



Designed Specifically for Court Use

An Evidence Based Test

Reliability & Validity Research

30 Minutes to Administer

Available on Diskettes and USB Flash Drive

Available Online (Over the Internet)

Test Scored with Reports Printed Within 3 minutes

Truthfulness Scale

Truth-Corrected Scores for Accuracy

Four Test Administration Options

Paper-Pencil (English and Spanish)

On Computer Screen (English and Spanish)

Human Voice Audio ( Reading Impaired)

Over the Internet ( )

Violence Scale

Antisocial Scale

Stress Management Scale

Drug Scale

Alcohol Scale

DSM-5 Substance Use Disorder Classification

Sound Empirical Basis for Decisions

Biennial (every other year) Test Review

Meaningful Scale Score Generated Recommendations

Live Online Chat (Mondays-Fridays)

Free Support Services

Free Annual Testing Summary Reports

Free Training Manual

Affordable (cost efficient)