Defendant Questionnaire

An Adult Court & Probation Department Test.

Gavel and Handcuffs

The Defendant Questionnaire (DQ) is an evidence based self-report that is used to assess or evaluate adult (male and female) defendants, probationers, and patients, accused or convicted of misdemeanors and felonies. The DQ is used by court-appointed evaluators, psychologists, probation offices, counselors, and mental health professionals.

The Defendant Questionnaire (DQ) consists of 137 true-false and multiple-choice items, and takes on average 30 minutes to complete. From test data (answers) input, tests are scored with typed 3 page reports, printed on-site, within 3 minutes.

Matching problem severity with treatment intensity is important for treatment effectiveness. DQ applicability is reflected in its areas of inquiry (scales or domains): 1. Truthfulness, 2. Alcohol, 3. Drugs, 4. Violence (Lethality), 5. Antisocial Scale, 6. DSM-5 Substance Use Disorder, and 7. Stress Management Scale.